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First Stop: London

1 day to go



London is where I spent my teenage years. So, it's home.
Before I head off for all the fun and food of the US of A, I'm going to pay my parents a very, very short visit. This will be the first summer that I am not spending with my parents and family back in the old country, Portugal.

My other wonderful and definitely most native home city - Porto.

It will also be my second birthday without any family around. I'm turning 22 in New York City instead this year.
Hopefully, with some delicious New York cheesecake!

And who could resist?


A few things to share:

Camping in style!

I really hope that my wish for "cook-outs" wherever we go will come true. And these are some useful tips.

When in the USA, one must thrift!

And some architecture - 23 Tall Buildings Being Built Right Now in NYC!

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Raring To Go

2 days to take off


Tomorrow morning I officially give up my key and I will never see the first place I called home in Copenhagen.
It's not sad.

The guy I live with is a constant pain in the ass, be it for the way he looks - over-buff and bald and short (meh) - or the passive aggressive, childish way he acts. I will miss stealing his instant coffee and the occasional smidgen of mayonnaise. Although it was always light mayonnaise...

I also just finished recording my first semester evaluation presentation for my first school exam, but as this one "doesn't really count", I mostly still did it so I can see what sort of grade I'm at and how hard I should work next semester. I'll be in New York City when my classmates are presenting their exam. Which is SO much better!

All I really am right now is tired. I'm so tired of Copenhagen and school and the same passive aggressive people. Day in. Day out. I feel like I really deserve the month and a half in the US and all the food I'm going to eat. It's going to be such fun!

If I wasn't so sleepy and tired, I'd totally join the Calvin & Hobbes happy dance.


A few more things to share:

Really want to go on a plantation tour when in New Orleans. Check out this post about Oak Alley Plantation.

This bag looks great and the proceeds go to a good cause!

Want a pair because they are so weird.

Today it is Gaudi's 160th birthday! Happy birthday, Gaudi and may one day La Sagrada Familia be finally finished!

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Packing Everything and Nearly Going

3 days before take off

overcast 11 °C

This year is THE year.

I'm taking my first transcontinental flight.
I'm couchsurfing for the first time after having a profile for a couple of years.
I'm backpacking properly.
Camping for the second time ever.

And I just can't wait anymore!

I booked my tickets nearly 6 months ago and the plan has come to take shape for the last couple of months.
This is my first big summer abroad and I'm doing it with my ex-boyfriend, from whom I broke up a couple of months ago.

This is going to be interesting. To say the least.


I finally packed up all my belongings into my smallish suitcase. Filled two canvas bags with any leftovers and I'm leaving quite a few books and my little bin behind, because I can't take everything with me. Everything is tucked away in a friend's basement for the next couple of months.
I cleaned everything, washed everything and probably will do it all again tomorrow, because I booked my flight for the evening, but it'll be really good to try and get a much earlier flight, because I still have a lot of things to deal with before leaving for the US.

Chicago - The Windy City

Still need to find a host in Chicago, our first stop, and it's proving to be quite tricky. Either people are declining or just plain ignoring me. However, I do have a "maybe". I just don't want to bother the guy, because he's clearly quite busy. The search continues...

Beautiful St. Louis


That said; we pretty much have hosts for the 2 cities after Chicago - St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN. Which is great!

A few things to share:

Totally want this done on my thumb nails.

one of these tents would be great!

I need a floppy sun hat. And some sunglasses too.

And this is great advice!

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